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On behalf of the Board of the Ex Gratia Law Journal ( and my Associate-Editors, I am glad to present the Volume 1, Issue 2 of the journal. The journal established in July 2020 has now published the Second issue.

The objective of Ex Gratia Law Journal is to publish original and top quality research papers alongside relevant and insightful reviews. As such, the journal strives to be engaging, accessible, unifying, and challenging. All types of manuscripts, however, will be subject to the journal’s double-blind peer review process.  We encourage publication for providing with legal education to all and promoting all to research, write and publish their articles with us. Readers can particularly notice progress made in this direction through the Articles which is emerging as an important section of this journal. We take this opportunity to thank the authors/publishers for sending their books for review and excellent book review by authors. We are expanding our editorial board for addressing the gaps and further enriching this journal.

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Darshan Bhora
Editor-in- Chief and Founding Member

A student of law and a vivid writer with publications in various National and International Journals, with a taste specifically towards Technology integrated with Law and Competition Regulations.

Address: 27/2, Waltax Road, Kondithope, Chennai-600079.

Kandeep Shravan
Publisher and Founding Member

A student of law and a keen observer, proficient researcher and writer with publications on topics regarding various aspects of Law and prodigious interest towards Competition Regulations and Cyber Forensics.

Address: No.6, Prakasam Street, 1st Lane, T.Nagar, Chennai-600017.

Tanvi Kankaria
Managing Editor

A student of law and an orator, writer and a ferocious reader who has interest in fields where equality and justice are evolved, and prioritizes Constitutional Law, Company and Corporate Law, with an insight of International Law.

Address: New No.10, Old No. 45/1, Clements Road, C-Block, Purusaivakkam, Chennai – 600007.


Reshmitha G Sarma
Managing Editor

A student of law and a passionate law student with a positive outlook, her areas of interests in research and publications include Criminal law, Cyber Forensics, and Competition Law. She is always up for arguments that give different perspectives.

Address: No. 27, LIC Colony, Thiyagarajanagar, Tirunelveli-627011.

Sanjay Krishnan
Managing Editor

A student of law and a devoted researcher and writer with a keen interest towards Criminal Law, Cyber Law, Bankruptcy Law, Constitutional Law, and Company Law.

Address: 21, 14th Street, Vinobhaji Nagar, Hasthinapuram, Chennai- 64.


Fiona S. Mehta
Managing Editor

(International Student at Brunel University London)

An LLB Hons with International Arbitration and Commercial Law student at Brunel University London with dreams to be the female Harvey Spectre. An assiduous researcher and aspiring solicitor focussing on international law at large.

Address: 202, Agnes Villa, Vile Parle West, Mumbai – 400056.


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Aftermath of Surrogacy Amendment Bill, 2019
Motherhood is a precious gift to all the women in the world. There are certain situations in which a woman will not be able to …
An Overview of the Recent Developments in Arbitration (India)
Arbitration is the method of dispute resolution wherein a neutral third party, called the 'arbitrator' renders a decision after giving both sides an equal opportunity …
Analysing the Impact of COVID-19 on Wages and Salaries
The official lockdown announcement for the entire nation was issued on 25thMarch 2020 and ever since then the economy has seen a steep decline. This …
Analysis of Obscenity Laws in India
With the advent of technology and its ever-growing nature, the internet has crossed borders and culture across the globe. Introduced to share knowledge and information, …
Analysis of the Law Regarding Same-Sex Marriages, Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships
Same-sex marriage is matrimony between two individuals of the same sex. Despite Section 377 of the IPC being repealed, same-sex couples are still stigmatised by …
Climate Refugees- The Refugees Our World Seldom pays Attention to
Introduction: The crisis caused by Climate change has reached a defining moment in our times due to the lack of feasible solutions for the future …
Custody Of Legitimate And Illegitimate Children: The Mother’s Rights.
Child custody is a delicate and dubious topic in India as well as globally. As there are no evidences of studies that have been undertaken …
Destitute Women And Widows – Are They Better Positioned In Our Country?
“The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of Those who have much; it is whether we provide enough …
How Moratorium Affects the Economy?
In lieu of Covid-19 (novel corona virus), the Government of India had imposed lockdown all over the country which led to the great fall in …
In an era of women empowerment, equality, fair and just behaviour, there also lays another impediment yet to be solved. In this world at every …
International Law from the Lens of Legal Pluralism
Legal Pluralism is the concept of coexistence of various laws in a single geographical boundary of a nation state. The concept once prevalent and associated …
Judiciary: An Essential Service
This article aims to provide an insight into how important the role of the judiciary is during the COVID-19 pandemic. It shall outline the various …
Lok Adalat, Legal Aid Services and ADR in India
In developing countries where most lawyers prefer litigation to resolve disputes, there is an extreme over-burdening of courts and an enormous number of pending cases, …
Media: Misinformation, Misuse and Manipulation
This article explains the role of the media in contemporary politics and its role in influencing citizens for mobilization of votes. It shall primarily try …
Nepotism – The New ‘N’ Word?
INTRODUCTION Nepotism, a term that has been on headlines, social media, and the talk of the town for a long time now. It is an …
Objectification of Women in Indian Advertisement: An Analysis
INTRODUCTION Commercial Advertisement plays crucial role in selling consumer products, it gives valuable information to consumers in relating to products and so consumer can apply …
Relationship between International Law and Municipal Law
This article exploresthe relationship between international law and municipal law.While international law deals mainly with inter-State ties, municipal law concerns relationships between individuals or between …
The Case of TravelIndiaTimes & IndiaTimesTravel
A Case Analysis: Times Internet Ltd. v. M/S Belize Domain Who is Services Ltd. & Ors, CS (OS) NO. 1289/2008. BACKGROUND OF THE CASE Bennett …
Understanding Laws for Approval of Vaccines and Its Flexibility during Pandemics
Vaccine is a suspension of weakened, killed or fragmented microorganism, toxin or an antibody that are administered to primarily prevent a disease . It confers …
Understanding Surrogacy Contracts and Analysing the Ethical Issues Therein
The ability of humans to have children is nature’s greatest blessing. But, unfortunately, 80 million couples, that is, 1 in every 6 couples are infertile …
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