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1st Judgement Writing Competition

The main advantages of this contest are to cultivate the art of writing judgements among students to push the students to write the judgement within prescribed time line. The students are given the feel of assuming the role of the judge. While performing this role, sometimes they would modify the judgements, at times they would supply the missing judge on the bench, say by engaging in feminist or ablistic styles of judicial reasoning.

The students are also encouraged to do research, to explore possible criticism against the judgement or even to completely substitute the new judgement with the existing one. However on the balance of advantages and limitations, we feel that Judgement writing is a good initiative to ignite the minds of the students and encourage them to assume the shoes both lawyers and judges. The greatest strength of this contest is to engage the students with multi-tasking of both creative lawyering and innovative judging.

Students are also required to practice the art of writing judgement within the bounds of judicial process so that their judgements may prove to be guidelines or tipping points which judiciary in real time may employ.

The Judgment Writing Competition will have the following principles and purpose:

  1. To develop a judicious mind.
  2. To apply legal concepts with a clarity of thought.
  3. To promote the spirit of rule of law and justice.
  4. To interpret the law in a justifiable manner with a view to meet ends of justice.

Submission Guidelines

  1. It shall not exceed 4500 words (including authorities).
  2. The team is required to cite authorities similar to Judgments of Court.
  3. The judgment shall conform to the format of the judgment as given below and shall contain the Team Code on the front page.
  4. It shall be submitted as an attachment in .doc/.docx format with a font size of 12 and line spacing of 1.5 lines in Times New Roman font. The alignment must be justified on A4 size paper.
  5. The subject of the mail must be in the format of ‘Code xxx – Judgment Submission – Judgement Writing 2020‘.
  6. The name of the file should be Team Code i.e., Team xxx (for e.g. the code of a team is 2020, the document should be named as Team 2020‘ and the email should be sent with the subject: Code 2020 – Judgment Submission – Judgement Writing 2020‘).
  7. You have to attach judgement in a form which will be shared after successful registration


  • Winner: Cash prize + Free publication In Ex Gratia Law Journal + certificate of excellence
  • Runner up: cash prize + Free publication In Ex Gratia Law Journal+ certificate of excellence
  • Certificate of merit + Free publication In Ex Gratia Law Journal for following 15 participants
  • E-certificates of participation for all.
  • Top 10 Authors will get a chance to work as Editor of the Journal
  • Top 15 Authors will be Eligible for Campus Ambassadors of Ex Gratia Law Journal.
  • Top 15 Authors will get a chance to work as Blog Writer and Blawg Editor
  • Top 15 Authors can Join Research Board and As writer at Weekly Review

Registration Fees

₹150/- For an Individual Author

₹200/- For Team of two Authors

₹225/- For Team of Three Authors


1) Registration date to 24/10/2020 (Saturday)
2) Submission Date to 25/10/2020, at 23:59 Hrs IST (Sunday)

Any judgment received after (23:59 Hrs) 11:59 P.M. IST will not be considered for the competition and the team will be disqualified.


  • Darshan Bhora: 9444959977 
  • Arya Sinha – 8360224895 


Important Links

For the registration form, click –  CLICK HERE