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Plight of Stray Animals

Under vehicles, behind buses, inside a thrown cardboard box, along the subway; where not are they found? Though they are seen everywhere, they are not owned, they are not fed. Some abuse them and throw stones on them, just because they are STRAY ANIMALS. This article does not ignore stray animals as the world does. The main theme of the article is the plight of the stray animals.

From “Bolt” to “Scooby Doo”, we have seen movies with superpower dogs who love their owners a lot, helping them and being a good companion.

But is the same happening in reality? The answer is sadly No. Experts say that the plight of stray animals in India is worse than ever before. We don’t even have time to feed them. Every living thing born on this earth needs something to survive. Food, shelter and clothing are the basic necessities without which the existence of life would be a nightmare. The population of the stray dogs is believed to be three million in this world. Without shelter and food, these three million dogs are having high chances of dying out of hunger.

With no control in their reproduction, the population of the stray dogs tends to grow. With no vaccination, they tend to spread dangerous diseases to human beings. It is shocking to learn that many people across the world eat dog meat. Dogs are the greatest companion, but time has moved so fast that they are eaten by human beings, who should have been their masters showering love.

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The Constitution of India under Article 51-A (g)[1] exhorts all citizens of this Country to have compassion for living creatures.

Are we doing our duty? The answer is No. Every time we pelt stones on them and abuse them, we fail to perform our duty which is mentioned in our Indian Constitution.

The State has an obligation towards all those stray animals, which are let alone in the streets. It is expressly given in the Directive Principles of State Policy in Article 48[2] in our Indian constitution.

There are laws which protect animals from being killed brutally. The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act,1960. This act emphasises “to prevent the infliction of unnecessary pain or suffering on animals and for that purpose to amend the law relating to the prevention of Cruelty to Animals.”

Section 38 of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 has enacted the Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules, 2001 with the scheme to reduce the dog population by sterilization and reducing the population of the stray dogs by way of encouraging the participation of animal welfare organisations, private individuals and local authorities. This scheme expects every human being to treat all animals with compassion and also aims to reduce and stabilize the population of the stray dogs on a long run. But the saddest thing is that these schemes are not implemented properly in some parts of the country.

Rules 9 and 10 of the aforesaid Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules, 2001, provide for controlling and killing of incurably ill, mortally wounded and rabid dogs. Many countries across the world follow different measures to reduce the population of stray animals because of the problems caused by them.

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Thinking about the solutions of the situation, the plans drafted for the welfare of the stray animals are well and good, but the success rate is less. If the schemes are implemented properly, we might arrive at a solution. Let’s not forget the humanity within us. Being a human, a step above the animals, we should protect them and be compassionate to them. Feed them whenever you see them craving for food. You will have a friend to meet at the same spot again, waiting for your biscuits. If you want to buy a pet, don’t go to the shops and buy a pet. Rather prefer adopting a stray dog, and make them your pet.

Small things can change the world, as they say. Likewise, your love and affection to that small creature can change its whole world into a paradise. Get them companions. Adopt two animals of the same breed if possible. Animals are like human beings too; they need a companion to be with. If you can’t adopt them, you still have a way to help them. Build an alternate home for them along the road or in a park, so that they can have proper shelter. Be a regular visitor and feed them. The government should also find all possible means to make shelter for these stray animals.

 A place may be adopted and alternative shelter facilities can be provided to them. The cost of vaccination and vet check-ups should be reduced so that the people won’t hesitate to adopt these animals and take them to regular check-ups. The government should vaccinate every stray animal. It must be involved in the process of making the streets of India free of strays.

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These poor animals also have the right to live, as we humans do. So, let us not neglect them, harm them, abuse them, and kill them anymore. Spread love and humanity to these homeless creatures and one day you will become their world. Let us join hands to make their lives less miserable and make this world a better place for them to live in.

[1] Article 51A, Constitution of India.

[2] Article 48, Constitution of India.

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